Thursday, March 11, 2010

U-Kiss online fan meeting

Online FanMeeting Gathering

Hello Kiss Mes!

To all Kiss Mes that cheer and love U-Kiss~
What do we do after our schedules?
Always working harder to show the better and improved side of us, we invite everyone to a fanmeeting held in their practice room. We ask for much love!

-7 membered U-Kiss in the practice room, a Talk Talk Online Fanmeeting!! A way to talk to U-Kiss and learn more about them as if they were your best friends!

-Sponsered by On Media...Supported by Tridi Communication

-Time: March 14th, 2010, Sunday 8KST PM

-Reservation: Send your name and contact information by e-mail!

-To: Lee MyungJi PD
e-mail : / Phone Number : 031-789-8466

We shall send you direct information on whether you are chosen to participate, please send your exact number.

-To 20 fans, we shall reward with a autographed U-Kiss CD along with many gifts.

wow.. menarik sekali.. tapi gw ga ngerti..kita harus ngirim email ke dia gitu?? *confused*

credit: + + octavia & Kyu-Nia @ 7Kisses

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