Friday, March 12, 2010

SS501 Exclusive Interview with Channel [V] Thailand during Personal In BBK

Credit: DoConcert + Channel [V] Thailand+어린왕자❤규@SS601
English Translation Mel @ KHJcorner
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Finally, there the exclusive interview with Channel V in Thailand will be aired.

Thanks for Mel to share with us this news ^_^

And thanks for 어린왕자❤규 to share this photo of our boys with DJ MIke


Channel [V] Thailand presents
Asian Hero : The Exclusive Interview with SS501 by DJ Mike

Broadcast Date & Time
— 16 March 2010 @ 5.00 AM / 12.00 AM / 8 PM
— 21 March 2010 @ 12.00 AM

Damn! I need Channel [V] right here right now!! Indovision udh ga ada Channel [V] lagi for some several reason! Fotonya hot banget y, abangnya..! gila ga nahan, geli lebih tepatnya *tabok* >////<

re-upload by ZDragon@triplekissindonesia

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