Thursday, March 25, 2010

SS501 baby pics

SS501 baby pics and kid pics everyone! I'm so excited when I saw these pics, courtesy of (credits are labeled in pics). At last, I got to see the boys of SS501 back when they were really young! I know I've seen Leader Hyun Joong's baby pics before, but I've never seen the other 4 members! They look so cute!!! I can't get over how adorable they all look. Especially Little Kyu Jong and Little Hyung Jun. Kyu looks so squishy and cute in his second pic, I could squeeze him. And mini YS and Jung Min! See Jung Min's second pic, he's already smirking even as a kid! Awww... love them all! Little SS501 fighting!

Little Kim Hyun Joong

Little Heo Young Saeng

Little Kim Kyu Jong

Little Park Jung Min

Little Kim Hyung Jun

Photo Credits:, naver +
*Other credits as labeled in pics*


Stephy said...

That is sooo super cute!! Lol Hyun Joong's picture was in one of my school magazine for healthy eating!! >w<

Anonymous said...

Kim Hyung Joon Oppa.. So Cute...