Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SS501 Park Jung Min changed school to study language

haha… we all know Jung Min is good at language studying

He is already studying Japanese for a while.. also start his Chinese study recently..

Now, he adds one more language into his study process…

So what do you think he is studying beside those 2 languages???

YEAH!!!!!!! Super happy to hear this good news…

He is studying “ENGLISH” in school now ^^

So later on… I think we can talk to him freely in English…

Because he is a fast learner… and I have 501% confidence in him ^0^

Let’s wait for some good news for his languages study progress… keke

Here is a brief translation of his part in the news:

The news title is “The second half of the main online college transfer students and new recruitment”

So Jung Min is studying online course ^^

Personnel from Online Unit

To SeJong University online unit, SK Telecom T1 Pro-gamer team member Kim Tae Kyong (3D game animation department), singer Park Jung Min (SS501 group member ; Practical English Department), Talent Kang Seong Min (Practical English department), are the student.

Credit:짱가 @SS601 + SS501fighting + Triple Kiss
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