Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[News] Monkey 3, SS501 debuted five years “Selected Memorial Hits 10″

keke… great event of our boys’ 5th anniversary

I love all the songs on the list… actually I love all the songs of SS501 … of course… right?

Even I am kind having bias in Hyun Joong … I know everyone know that…

This Top 10 list have 3 Hyun Joong solo songs in it really surprised me…

I know 2 of them are from BOF… so it is obvious people love this drama

But still even “Because I am stupid” is Hyun Joong’s version

Seems people really love Hyun Joong’s singing or they really love JiHoo Sunbae… haha

Anyway, all of our boys songs are great so why choose… keke



Since June 8, 2005 to debut with their first debut song ‘warning’, the 8th is the date of SS501 celebrating the 5th debut anniversary.

SS501 debuted three years in music website Monkey 3, a plan of a special commemorative ‘SS501 Debut 3rd Anniversary Hits 10′ was open.

This feature goes by the participation of netizens, 10 songs selected through the times of Streaming and download in ‘Public affairs feeling’ corner, SS501 top song such as ‘Love Like This’ is mentioned. Published in 2009 ‘LOVE LIKE THIS’ that the song gained popularity for swept various chart.

Drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ OST Track ‘Because I am stupid’, Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng’s song called ‘UR Man’, recently released new song ‘Love Ya’, etc. were selected as SS501 10 Hit.


Top 10 Hit:

1) Love Like This

2) Because I am stupid (Acoustic version) (Hyun Joong solo)

3) U R Man

4) Love ya

5) Deja vu

6) Warning

7) Please be nice to me (Hyun Joong solo)

8 ) Lucky Days (Japanese song)

9) Gaze (Original version)

10) Happiness (Hyun Joong solo)

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