Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SS501 mini album producer Steven Lee cleared up the rumor about ss501 songs plagiarism

OK, I will just give a brief explanation of what is behind this songs plagiarism here…

Two of our boys’ new song “Love ya” and “Let it be the one” are said to be the same song as two famous singer in USA.

“Love Ya” is resembled with the song “Let me love you” sung by Michael Angelo.

Also, another SS501 song “Let me be the one” is resembled with Andre Mieux’s song having the same title too…

So rumors are spread that these songs are plagiarism by some people…

However, according to Steven Lee, “Love ya” is actually a original SS501 song..

Coz Michael Angelo’s version is just a demo and not officially released..

So as “Let it be the one”… also not a plagiarism whatsoever…

For the communication email between imuyachan and Steven Lee

Please go HERE to see the full details

I am so happy to hear that Mr. Steven Lee himself clear up this issue…

so no one will spread this kind of nonsense rumors again ^^

This is really imuyachan’s effort…. we should thanks her in doing this … 고마워 ^^

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