Friday, June 4, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong Fan club, birthday right tuition donations


Fan Club of SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong ‘County of Yoon JiHoo’ celebrating the birthday of Kim Hyun Joong on June 6 opens the ‘birthday gift donation event’. They had donated a total of 6.06 million won to celebrate, is creating a warmly circumference.

Fan Club County of Yoon JiHoo’ at the last February 10 general donation has collected 1,500 million won for ‘Kim Hyyn Joong Scholarship Fund’.

‘County of Yoon JiHoo’ 200 members on the birthday of artist instead of offensive gifts, chose the joy which shares with the neighborhood together with his name. The donations collected in the last February, composition of ‘Kim Hyyn Joong Scholarship Fund’ will be used to support the business for Institutions and residential care facilities and student Fees.

Fan Club, Mr. Chairman Jun Eun-ju ssi said “The greatest gift that of a fan club could give rather than a more expensive gift is love.” and “I wanted to help neighbors as the heart of his name to support artist Kim Hyun-joong.”

In the name of a star to participate in social contribution, the various activities of fan club are being expanded gradually.

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