Thursday, May 27, 2010

UKiss concert in phillipines got postponed

U-Kiss fans who were looking forward to seeing their idols perform live in front of them this Saturday at the Araneta Coliseum in Philippines will just have to wait it out a little longer after it was postponed to June.

The U-Kiss members who have been sacrificing their sleep and practising for long hours and fans who have waited for a long time for this concert on May 29th have been left disappointed at this latest outcome which was delivered by the local concert organizers on May 25th, just four days before the actual concert.

U-Kiss member, Alexander and his father have tweeted about their disappointment but is optimistic that the show will still go on at a later date and hopes that fans will understand. Regardless, let’s just be patient and wait for good news.

source; allkp


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Anonymous said...

i heard out of 9000 tickets available only 4200 were sold and its really impossible that they will fill up araneta i mean araneta is really really big only famouse people can fill araneta like super junior,lady gaga and much more who had there concert in araneta pussycat dolls ,david cook and david archuleta were really famouse but still they didnt get to perform in araneta.