Saturday, May 8, 2010

Comments from DSP Media, personnel regarding ss501's contract..

Credits: ss501ode@blogspot

KimHyunJoong who is both a singer and an actor isn't just a top star in Korea, but also
in asian regions. Whether he will move to a new agency, or continue with DSP media to renew
contract, his future moves after contract expires is now the focus of all.

To this, DSP media still has not expressed their firm stand on this. They simply expressed their
views to all with "Now is not the right timing to discuss about this", such a standpoint.

DSP media personnel said, "Right now, the CEO is still sick on his bed (CEO Lee Hoyeon-nim),
that's why KimHyunJoong's contract renewal direction is still unclear. When the CEO
recovers, after that then it's possible for us to discuss this together", and also with,
"KimHyunJoong too doesn't find it reasonable to decide on a right decision now before the CEO
recovers. He's now fully focused on preparations for upcoming new album to be released in this month".

To this he also added, "Of course by right, what the agency wishes for is that
KimHyunJoong and SS501 will remain with them together", "For the sake of
this, though we want to but yet unable to come up with firm and detailed discussions,
those rumours revolving around KimHyunJoong's future moves from the outside world
has been getting kind of annoying because there are just too many talks to this and to that".

On the other hand, though SS501 will be releasing their album soon, but their title track
and licensing issues have not even be settled, which asked for the need of a little more time,
but they will still push the album out in this month.

(which was why Min-gun expressed on SamSamTaPa on 5th May night's fm radio where
Gyuri-ssi and Shindong-ssi hosted that, their album is only 20% completed so far)

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