Sunday, May 23, 2010

Come Together In ‘Idol United’ For Their Love For Soccer

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On this coming May 22nd, cable channel MTV will air the first episode of ‘Idol United’, a variety program where idols come together for their love for soccer.

The first episode of ‘Idol United’ will show them signing the contract, as well as deciding their position in the team.

The MC, captain and coach for ‘Idol United’ are Moon Hee Jun and Yoo Sang Mu, while the managers and the staffs will act as the cheerleader team. The players will be idol members of MLBAQ, U-KISS, F.Cuz and D-NA.

Moon Hee Jun appeared on the set by wearing baseball uniform, and he couldn’t recite the members name correctly. Yoo Sang Mu is expected to create laughter with his sense of humor, while doing his job as the team’s coach. On that day, the members wore their uniform and did a few tests in shooting skills.

‘Idol United’ is a reality program created by MTV, in conjunction with the World Cup season. There are 12 episodes in total where the idols’ skills in soccer are being challenge. Each goal scored will generate 200,000 won and that money will be donated to children that live in under-developed areas, and the player that is chosen as the MVP will be presented with a trophy.

The first episode will be broadcasted on May 22nd at 11 pm.

Credit: Osen (Source) + ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng trans) + TripleKiss (re-share)

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