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Royal Avenue going international?

Park JungMin, Ends Humiliation of Zero Visitors!... Serious Shopping Mall Business

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Female Total Care website ‘Royale Avenue’ opens and went into business

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Male group SS501’s member Park JungMin (23) went into serious internet shopping mall business.

Park JungMin, who took a long time to prepare for this internet shopping mall business, held a launching party at ‘Royale Avenue’ office located in NonHyun-dong, Seoul on 01-May, marking the start of his business.

‘Royale Avenue’ is internet shopping mall that provides total care service for female, as well as a website for lifestyle. It not only sells clothes, but also hair salon’s tickets and other fashion related items.

Park JungMin has previously started a business ‘Royale Straight Flush’ internet shopping mall selling boots. SS501 member Kim HyunJoong said in ‘Radio Star’, a section off MBC ‘Golden Fishery’ program that “The visitor count in Park JungMin’s internet shopping mall was zero” and the website mentioned was ‘Royale Straight Flush’.

Park JungMin said “I revealed that I was in the internet shopping business through ‘Radio Star’ program, and I have opened a website for female fashion quite in a rush. I am very interested in fashion, I dream of going into business in fashion and is currently progressing steadily into it.”

The difference between Park JungMin’s internet shopping mall and the other shopping mall is that Park JungMin will personally log-in. Indeed as ‘CEO Park JungMin’. The staffs are made up of 10 friends of Park JungMin, working together. He is currently recruiting a web designer.

‘Royale Avenue’ is an online shopping mall, and is operating an offline shop too. ‘Royale Avenue’ office in NonHyun-dong has put up one side of the office to be the offline shop.

Park JungMin conveyed his ambition “If I open an online shopping website, it can be a business targeted not only to Korea, but to everyone in Asia. That is the attractiveness of online shopping website. If the business is good, I will expand into the whole of Asia.”

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