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HyunJoong's drawing story:, the war with aliens

seen this pic long time ago,but dont know the story behind it...leader is the greatest 4D person i've ever known in thewholewide world...hahaha


[Photo+Translation] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong?s drawing ~ Story: The war with aliens
Posted by gellie at 12:51 AM on February 20, 2010

1. Alien invasionAliens invade the Earth.

Spacecraft kidnapped a few people on earth. They were like tied yellow croaker.

An alien captured some people on earth with a huge string bag were prepared to transfer them to the spacecraft.

There are aliens who pull hair of Earth people.

Aliens with laser guns attacked people on earth.

Saw a monster spit fire poison people on earth. There was a woman’s eyeballs jump out of her eye sockets.

user posted image

2. Earth people counter-attack

The prince sitting in a tank with a knife attack on an alien

Bellied old man with beard also pinch alien’s neck.

Ah. The Earth also have to sacrifice. There is a chopped head of an alien body ~ ~

user posted image

3. The emergence of a heroThe war did not stop.

Earth people turned into bones

People look forward to the arrival of a hero, hoping the emergence of a hero to end this war.

Then ..

A hero to save the planet is emerged ,

Our hero’s shoelaces are fasten.

He is …

The man.. We are looking forward to …

Here where that person to be emerged

user posted image

.. came from 4th dimension extraterrestrial world, superheroes …

A smile can melt away the entire body of all life .. aliens fighting over to be friends with him ..

Send a variety of rare minerals of the universe as gifts

The Legend is because of this person, the universe united as one strong national … this is…the end of today’s stories


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