Wednesday, June 8, 2011


6 years have passed! Time goes by!
Looking forward to see your 10th anniversary with us (Triple S)!!
SS501 and Triple S forever!!

graphics by: zenia

Sunday, June 5, 2011

[KIMCHI] Park Jungmin

lack of HQs T^T
banyak yang nge blur karena kedorong" orang belakang..
susah banget dapet gambar HQ pas Jungmin
dia ambil surat dari fans juga loh ^^ the master of fanservice <3
aku juga kasih surat tapi pas di bandara XD
pas kimchi pun aku sepertinya satu"nya di festival 1 yang bawa lightstick hijau SS501 T^T
kemanakah TS lainnya? T^T

anyway, enjoy the pics


The Boss at Kimchi. June 4, 2011.
All pics taken by Zenia,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kyu Jong Playing Baseball and YS Practicing

2011-04-11 @ 1:43 PM
Starting an energetic week with Monday~~~ Heo YoungSaeng is currently working hard in order to meet with everyone heehee Please look forward to it alot ^^ This photo shows his look in the practice room

Credits: B2M@Twitter + Trans by:

Kyu, on the other hand, played baseball! Whoa, Saengie might have influenced him to play! So cute! Glad we have some pictures of him on the field. He looks good! CLICK ON PICS BELOW TO ENLARGE.

Kim Kyu Jong Chosen To Play Lead Role in "GOONG" Musical

Kim Kyu Jong is chosen for this year’s June 1st Japanese Overseas Musical Performance “GOONG” (Production Team GROUP EIGHT) as the lead role — The Crown Prince of Korean, Prince Shin.

Premiered last year which opened a new horizon for creative musical “GOONG”, acting for the 1st time TOHOSHINKI’s U-KNOW Yunho, which garnered more than 60% Japanese and other foreign audience which created a huge topic.

The so-called “GOONG” is about “A Constitutional Monarchy in the Republic of Korea” in a unique fantasy setting, an ordinary wild high school girl

The production company convey the message, “Kim Kyu Jong during SS501 days has already shown his strength in his singing ability, his outstanding choregraphy and stage demeanor. With his handsome outlooks, he can be seen as a lead”, “Kim Kyu Jong also shows his strong sincerity thus we are really looking forward to it. Shin Chae-Kyeong (acted by Kwak Sunyoung) with the nation favourite – The Crown Prince Lee Shin, lives after their political marriage.

“GOONG” will start the overseas performance wef 11 Jun 2011 till 1 Jul 2011 at Japan Kyoto (Musical theatre). The pre-ordering of tickets will be from 14 Apr onwards.

Source: My Daily + Korean ~ Chinese Trans: redcat111 @ 【 】
Chinese ~ English Trans:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[photos] Jung Min Shopping In Taiwan

Credits: TripleSTW + _Yongchi@twitter + Quainte
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Jung Min Shopping in Taiwan

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[photo] Hyun Joong's selca @ PK filming site

Credits: imane and liezle @ blogspot

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[photo] Hyun Joong's selca @ PK filming site

Credits: imane and liezle @ blogspot

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[photos] Hyun Joong at PK filming site 14 Oct

Credits: ss501wangja@multiply
Pics Courtesy by Hyuniversal0606

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