Thursday, August 12, 2010

[news] SS501 Park JungMin Goes Japan on 13th for Promotional Activity

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SS501 member Park JungMin who has moved over to CNR Media, will be invading Japan.

Park JungMin will depart to Japan on 13-Aug for a Japan promotional activity. After this promotional activity, he will get into full-scale activities in Japan.

Management company told OSEN on 11-Aug through a telephone conversation, “He will depart to Japan on13-Aug and will be meeting people from broadcasting stations such as Fuji TV, TBS, etc. In the 4 days 3 nights visit to Japan, he will be meeting a lot of people in the Japan music and broadcasting industry in order to have an outline on his promotional activities in Japan.”

They also told us that Park JungMin has a good commend of Japanese and is proficient in it.

Park JungMin’s new management company CNR Media is a foreign-based company, a joint venture between Taiwan’s best drama production company Comic-ritz and Korea’s Roy Media. Park JungMin will be more active in local activities in the future besides having activities in the Asia Region.

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