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[news] A Genius Like Baek Seung Jo

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Protagonist of MBC new series 'Playful kiss' Kim HyunJoong dwelved into script study.

In the drama, Kim HyunJoong plays the role Baek Seung-jo who possesses beauty, knowledge and skills, who is well-loved and highly sought after. Whatever it may be, so long as he sees it once, he will be able to understand and remembers in his brain. This genius character is able to read across 20K number of characters in just 1 minute, and he could also memorize about 400 words/phrases simultaneously. With such a role he has to play, HyunJoong is certainly given the task to memorize and go under study, which is what makes his role so different from the others'.

Group Eight personnel, "Because Baek Seung-jo is a genius in the drama, there's alot of 'professional' content in each and every area that requires his professional knowledge. In the upper part of drama, most content will include knowledge of Mathematics, Science formulas, general knowledge, etc. And that's why memorizing and studying of this drama's script takes up alot more time than other dramas".

Like what G8 personnel has said, ranging from the LOG formulas in Mathematics to nutrition/dietetics, architecture, hanja (chinese characters) idioms, "Baek Seung-jo is just like a walking encyclopaedia". And with that, it's obvious how stressful it could be for Kim HyunJoong to do this every day.

They added on, "In the beginning, we were quite worried because these are difficult words that most people don't use in daily lives. But because of HyunJoong's personality which will not hesitate to try out new and different challenges, he treat it like absorbing new knowledge and goes by rehearsing his script that way". Besides diligently memorizing his scripts, HyunJoong also has been practising tennis. Because his character is the national player type, HyunJoong's also been taking private lessons from professional tennis coaches for that.

Drama airs September 1.

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mei said...

one thing i really like bout k-drama is that the pplayers try very hard to be the character they r playing.. so different from borings sinetrons here.. hyun joong fighting..