Thursday, August 12, 2010

[news] SS501 HyungJun- UKiss KiBum’s Mother Surprise Confession ‘Thinking of having a child at old age’

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Mother of brothers U-Kiss KiBum and SS501 Kim HyungJun made a surprise confession that ‘I am thinking of having a child at this old age’.

U-Kiss appeared in MBC ‘Good Day’ broadcasted on 10-Aug, showing their 2 days 1 night experience in the navy and 3 days 2 nights activities in Japan.

On this days’ broadcast, brothers U-Kiss KiBum and SS501 Kim HyungJun’s mother and U-Kiss Kevin’s mother made a surprise visit at the recordings of ‘Infinite Girls’.

Kevin and KiBum’s mothers took care of all 7 members of U-Kiss like their own children and showed their thoughtfulness by bringing them lunchboxes which they have specially prepared.

On this day, KiBum’s mother confessed, making everyone surprised, “If I had known better, I would have more sons and form them into idol group. I only had 2. I am thinking of having more.”

KiBum who smiled brightly at his mother’s confession, was lost in thoughts right away “In fact, during the difficult times, mother brought up my brother and I almost single-handedly. Because she worked so hard, brother and I will show our best.”

The producers of ‘Good Day’ went to U-Kiss’s dorm in Japan and disclosed the process of members doing their make-up.

I wonder if Hyungjun & Kibum are not close to their dad?

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