Monday, April 19, 2010

U-Kiss Dongho is Seduced Easily?

This pretty boy may have an innocent charm, but who knew he could be so easily seduced?

On a recent episode of SBS ‘Quiz! Sixth Sense Battle’, U-Kiss’s maknae DongHo was asked what the most commonly misinterpreted action made by a woman is. He revealed his own experience how “female stars would come into our waiting room to visit us. I thought that the ones that looked at me and smiled while they greeted me, liked me.” Kim ChangRyul, DongHo’s co-star on KBS ‘Invincible Team’, also added, “DongHo thinks that whenever a female star walks into the waiting room, they’re looking at him.”

But of course, who can resist such a cute and charismatic person like DongHo? Hopefully though, he’ll understand that smiling and greeting is not the same as seducing.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss is getting ready to comeback with a follow-up song. Excited?

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