Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hyun Joong's message

Hyun Joong, “.......................................”
2010-04-01 12:32:08 AM

On Wednesday...I will go to Spain to study abroad
Because there are a lot of headache things, I will return once I straighten my thoughts
501 album must be released, however we didn’t even recorded any songs and no songs are out yet ..It is a headache situation
May 1st album... I think we won’t be able to keep this promise.. Sorry
Don’t be too taken aback by this choice of mine, always believe in my choice, like how you’ve done till now
Give me your support.. I am sincere. I will not regret my choice ...Please believe me
Writing the last message in this homepage............


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Young Saeng got me with his April Fool's message, but I'm more careful now! Is this our Leader's prank message for April Fool's Day? Hahaha. Based on the time, his message is earlier than Young Saeng's. But seems like he's only going to Spain for filming, not for studies! LOL. The two hyungs of SS501 are partner in crimes, huh? They're being pranksters today! And Kyu can't help but laugh and reply to their messages. Hahaha! Here are Kyu's replies to Hyun Joong and Young Saeng's messages...

To Young Saeng, he replied: was tricked.. wow daebak............uing?! hhh, got tricked in the morning ne.....merong (expression; unsatisfied)

To Hyun Joong, he replied: Ahjussi (older uncle), Too late Too late kkk... If so, I'd have gone to bullfight in Spain as well hh

Kyu's replies translated by ode@blog


oh, what? hyun joong is going to spain?! *shock* udh lama ga update gara" uan saya tidak tahu apa" TT^TT

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